The purpose of STRSeq is to facilitate the description of sequence-based alleles at the Short Tandem Repeat (STR) loci targeted in human identification assays. This collaborative effort of the international forensic DNA community, which has been endorsed by the executive board of the ISFG (International Society of Forensic Genetics), provides a framework for communication among laboratories.

Source records are held in a BioProject at NCBI. Each record contains: (a) observed sequence of an STR region; (b) annotation of the repeat region (“bracketing” consistent with the guidance of the ISFG, PMID: 26844919) and flanking region polymorphisms; (c) information regarding the sequencing assay and data quality; and (d) backward compatible length-based allelic designation.

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STRSeq: The STR Sequencing Project

Jul. 1, 2019 - 122 new records added and updates to 140 current records including 53 records with additional sequence
Apr. 22, 2019 - D3S1358 records were updated to correct issues with bracketing